A full procurement process includes several distinct functions

  1. Selection of goods and services
  2. Approval of need, policy compliance, and budget
  3. Bid process and vendor selection
  4. Purchase order
  5. Receiving with match to order and invoice
  6. ERP update and payment

WorkPlace Purchasing is a robust, fully featured eProcurement solution with multiple deployment options for automating an online, paperless procure-to-ERP process. WorkPlace Purchasing supports your Buyers efforts to review requisitions, obtain quotes, manage vendors, create purchase orders, and receive goods or services. Process controls ensure that goods and service are needed and the necessary approvals are obtained and recorded.

WorkPlace Requisitions facilitates submission of a purchase request. Fully approved requisitions can be sent to the ERPs Purchasing Module to issue, record and manage Purchase Orders, Receipts, and payment. Complementary features are available to facilitate selection of goods and services from

  • Approved electronic (PunchOut) supplier websites
  • Internal catalogs
  • Prior requisitions and shopping lists for recurring needs.

Full WorkPlace Procurement manages the entire purchasing, receiving, and reconciliation process

  • Buyers review approved requisitions
  • Check available stock to fill the requisition
  • Combine requisitions into economic quantity purchases
  • Obtain best terms from vendors with existing contracts, blanket orders, or quote requests and bid awards
  • Goods are received with quantities recorded for match with the order and vendor invoice. 

WorkPlace Procurement and Materials Management integrate procurement with inventory management secure that needed product is on hand in the most economical quantities.

  • Inventory Replenishment examines stock levels and requirements for an inventory item and automatically generate a requisition identifying recommended order quantities
  • Inventory Fulfillment of requisitions from in-stock inventory at multiple sites