Requisition & Procurement

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Intuitive Web-based and Mobile Requisition & Procurement solution that is easy for employees, effective for management, and powerful for accounting!

Designed for mid-size and enterprise organizations as a standalone solution, or as a seamless out-of-the-box, real-time integration with:

- Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, NAV, SL
- Sage ERP 100, 300, 500, X3
- Blackbaud Financial Edge
- Intacct, Acumatica

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Automate the entire requisition and procurement process, move projects forward, enhance communications, gain real-time visibility and control, and deliver strong ROI across your entire organization.



Project & Job Cost Icon
Extensive Project & Job Cost Capabilities

Track purchases against projects with budget checking throughout the entire purchasing process.

  • Detailed budgeting and reporting features
  • Robust project approval engine
  • Seamless Requisition & Procurement integration with your ERP or 3rd party project/job cost solution


Multi Currency Multi Language icon
Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

Eliminate language and currency barrier and provide system access to your global teams.

  • Foreign and actual local currency and language options
  • Exchange rates can be managed manually or automatically updated from ERP or online service
  • Currency can be selected at the transaction line level
  • Personalize interface to each user’s language
  • Use one of our standard language templates (French, Spanish, Swedish, English US, UK, CAN) or even submit your own
  • Switch languages on the fly with a single click


Dynamic Rule Engine Icon
Dynamic Rule Engine & Approval Workflow

Implement any corporate approval rule you can imagine during the entire process, even at creation!

  • Unlimited entry rules
  • Unlimited approval rules based on any field available such as vendor, amount, department, GL account, expense type, etc.
  • Position-based approvals, a rapid deployment based on organizational structure and associated approval limits
  • Mobile & e-mail approvals
Vendor Contract Icon
Powerful Vendor Contract Management

Enforce vendor-negotiated terms and provide blanket purchase order capabilities.

  • Track committed amounts and quantities against contract budgetsRequisition Tablets web
  • Manage by $ amount, quantity, or both
  • Restrict to a predefined list of items
  • Enforce vendor contract for a specified period
  • Auto route requisition line items for approval when amount is exceeded
  • Originate vendor contracts from within requisition
Vendor Approval Icon
Flexible Vendor Approval

Control vendor creation within the ERP by keeping vendor approvals with A/P while providing requisition & procurement users an easy way to request a new vendor.

  • Fully configurable approval process within workplace
  • Detailed audit log of who requested and approved the vendor
  • Document attachment capabilities
  • 1099 vendor support
Vendor Portal Icon
Intuitive Vendor Portal

Eliminate data entry for your Payables team and reduce internal cost and provide vendors a self-service portal for purchase order/non-purchase order invoice entry.

  • Internet exposure not needed for internal network where WorkPlace resides
  • Multiple browsers and mobile device portal accessibility
  • Secure and reliable off-site WorkPlace hosting portal
  • Vendor access to multiple companies on a single dashboard
  • Flexible vendor password management and reset


request for Quote Icon
Effective Request for Quote

Obtain the best deal and turn around time. Submit and manage request for quotes to multiple vendors. Compare quotes based on delivery date and price. Manually or automatically award purchase orders in seconds.

  • Cloud-based SaaS and on-premise
  • RFQ Module and securely hosted RFQ Portal options
  • Online vendor response via vendor portal
  • Real time e-mail notification to vendors when items are available for quote
  • Automate vendor selection based on rank and commodity codes
  • Award vendors manually or automatically based on price or quickest delivery

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Check Request icon
Robust Check Request Features

Manage non-purchase order invoices from vendors in seconds. Link paper invoices with your digital data via robust document management capabilities.

  • Initiate check requests using scanned invoicesRequisition Monitor web
  • Robust check request approval
  • Supports 1099 entry and payments


Audit Icon
Sophisticated Audit Capabilities

Experience Full Visibility of what was changed, who made the change, and when it was made.

  • Detailed transaction line and field level audit trail capabilities
  • Detailed log of date, time, and user actions throughout the entire transaction lifecycle
  • Track critical user, security and configuration changes with audit detail reporting


Powerful GL icon 
Flexible GL Distributions  

Distribute requisition line items into hundreds of GL accounts in seconds.

  • Total control and flexibility reflected in the expense & ERP sides
  • Want to distribute 50 line items into 500 GL accounts? You can!
  • Distribution Groups for auto or manual GL distribution
Budget Enforcement Icon
Advanced Budgeting Engine

Establish and enforce any corporate budget throughout the entire requisition and procurement process.

  • Configure budgets to be strictly enforced
  • Define approval routing rules to specific budget or when exceeded
  • Real time GL budget validation
  • Budget detail visibility throughout the entire requisition & procurement process


Punchout Catalog
PunchOut Capabilities

Speed order processing and lower procurement costs by integrating real-time with suppliers’ online catalogs.

  • Real-time browsing and shopping on vendors website for easy checkout – Requisitions auto populate for quick, error-proof entry
  • After approval, purchase orders are created and automatically sent to the vendor


Catalogs icon
Guided Buying Catalogs 

Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.

  • Customized catalogs by vendor, location, type of item, etc.
  • Automatically generate requisitions, which can be routed for approval before Purchase Order is created


Inventory & Materials Icon
Inventory & Materials Management 

Gain full visibility and control costs with a tightly integrated inventory-to-requisition system. Order, Fulfill, or Transfer stock held at any inventory location with confidence and ease.

  • Real-time updates and visibility of item stock levels
  • Hand-held scanner interface
  • Materials management workflow
  • Serial and lot items support
  • Inventory replenishment examines stock levels and requirements to automatically generate requisitions


Multi company Intercompany icon
Multi-Company & Inter-Company

Consolidate purchasing across the entire organization, eliminate duplicate purchases, and take advantage of your buying power with volume discounts.

  • Enterprise-wide data is centralized for detailed analytics, dashboards and performance metrics
  • Single session invoice processing capabilities regardless of payment location
  • Ability to transfer inventory among companies
  • Central repository for multiple AP ledgers


Powerful tax engine icon
Powerful Tax Engine

Assign taxes by line level, incorporate enterprise-wide tax amount visibility, and adjust recoverable taxes within the system in no time.

  • Designed with foreign tax guidelines in mind
  • Recoverable tax capabilities
  • Advance tax GL distribution features
Robust Questionnaire icon
Questionnaire Capabilities

Enhance communications, streamline entry, and prompt users to provide key information for specific charges, as a requirement or as an option.

  • Configurable questionnaires, anytime, anywhereRequisition Phones web
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Multiple data types to tailor responses to your business needs
Generalprocurement icon
Comprehensive Status Monitoring

Solves the common problem of delays encountered in paper-based, Excel, e-mail requisition and approval process.

  • Simple and intuitive user dashboard shows employees their “To Do’s” at a glance
  • Users & Approvers view the status of a transaction in real-time
  • Users & Approvers receive e-mail alerts and reminders
  • Alternate approves can be assigned to avoid delays during absences
  • Administrators can add custom reports and enable controlled report access by user

Empower users throughout the enterprise!

  • Requesters: Convenient and efficient self-service for requisitions and check requests
  • Managers: Manage by exception and accelerate approvals with automated workflow
  • Buyers: Focus on building strategic supplier relationships to reduce costs
  • Payables: Maintains control over expenditures

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